• Can ‘Community Networks’ become Internet of People!
  • Can Community Networks emulate the model of Community Radio?
  • Can community-based network and organisations be invited to participate the discussion and demo?
  • Organise a deliberation session as “how large-scale and diversified and decentralised Community Networks could become model-of-choice of community-of-practices


This year, we will showcase – two community spaces – Janastu (Tumkur, Karnataka) and Protovillage (Anantpur, Andhra Pradesh). The journey of CNX2019 will start from Janastu, Tumkur, Karnataka on 13th December 2019 and on the early morning on 14th December 2019, we will start our journey to Protovillage, Anantpur, Andhra Pradesh and continue the discussion, sharing of experiences and learnings.